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Solvent Based Penetrating Sealer

Highly effective solvent-based impregnating sealer formulated to help protect your stone and grout from water and oil born stains.

Use on all natural stone surfaces and cement based grout.  

For interior and exterior use, sealer will degrade faster in direct sunlight.

Price: $139.95


    PREPARATION: Surface must be clean, dry and free of coatings or sealers.  Clean/Strip the floor first with Alkaline Stone & Tile Cleaner or Coating Stripper.

    DIRECTIONS: Apply evenly using a brush, roller, cloth, sponge or sprayer.  

    Using a clean soft bristle push broom, spread sealer as it may absorb more rapidly in porous areas.  Clean up last coat before it dries.

    Highly porous surfaces may require a third application to give full protection.

    Wait a minimum of 1 hour between applications.

    If residue occurs, spray more sealer, scrub and buff with absorbent terry towels or microfiber before it dries.

    DO NOT USE FANS TO SPEED DRY or you will create surface residue.  Allow sealer to penetrate naturally.

    Cure Time: May be opened for foot traffic in 2 hours.  Achieves full cure in 24 hours.

    Limitations: Surface area must be between 50F and 90F  (10C to 32C).

    Will not prevent etching from acid or caustic chemicals.   May damage non-recommended surfaces-protect from contact.  May darken some materials.

    APPEARANCE:  Clear Liquid


    ODOR: Solvent

    pH (Cone.):  N/A

    FLASH POINT:  <180F


    COVERAGE:  300-1500 ft./gallon.  At least 2 coats are recommended 

    SAFE STORAGE & HANDLING:  This product is intended for industrial and institutional use.  It can cause irritation to eyes and skin.  Avoid contact by wearing protective devises such as safety glasses and rubber gloves.  If contact to eyes or skin, flush with water for 10-15 minutes.  If irritation persists seek medical attention.