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Creators of the world famous Cheetah Pad surface polishing system!
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Cheetah Pads - The Fastest Stone Restoration System On The Planet! 

Full restoration system for marble, travertine, limestone, terrazzo and Polished Concrete.

Cheetah Pads are designed to take the place of traditional metal and resin bond diamonds, polishing compounds, pastes, and crystallizers. No chemicals needed, just use the pads with water. Limestone, Travertine, Cement Terrazzo and Polished Concrete may need Hardener and/or Nano Guard to achieve high Gloss finish. The 5" and 8"Standard Thickness pads are designed for vertical surface polishing and countertop work with a variable speed hand grinder/polisher. The 5" Cheetah Pucks can be used on a 17" or 20" Rotary Floor Machine, 17" and 20" pads are designed to be used with a 175- 300 rpm standard floor machine. The rectangular pads are designed to be used with high speed oscillating machines. Eco-friendly!!