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Creators of the world famous Cheetah Pad surface polishing system!
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Weighs 60lbs

1" thick

Heavier cutting and polishing on harder stones.

Price: $595.00


    Manufactured using extreme-duty- metal universal clutch plate, tall riser and aircraft grade bolts.

    Precision CNC water jet cut special steel plate for increased flatness and balance of your rotary machine.

    Attaches to 175 RPM and 1.5 horsepower rotary floor machine.

    Powder coated for durability and long lasting finish.

    Industrial grade Velcro for extra strength to hold pads in place. (Use a small spatula or putty knife to separate the diamonds and pads from the Velcro is the recommended way to remove them).

    Our weighted drive plates turn almost any 1 1/2 hp floor buffer into and efficient stone honing and polishing tool. Rather than using top weights, the bottom weight of the drive plates improves performance and efficency by acting as a heavy flywheel. This means your honing is flatter, faster and more consistant, and your machine doesnt work as hard due to the centrifugal force of the heavy steel plate.